The Center for Crush Research (CCR) believes that through the concept of "the crush" we can better understand desires for alternate ways to relate to each other individually and collectively. We believe crushes to be a place in which adult humans nearly universally are able to entertain a possibility without expectation or need for a reality to emerge. In this visioning we see potential for building new structures.

A crush is frivolous and is often not taken seriously; this is where we believe the serious potential of the crush lies.

CCR envisions a future in which prescribed bounds of relation are malleable and collective liberation achievable. We believe this begins in imagining how we can imagine something, anything different and more importantly, together.

The Center for Crush Research is an arm of The Center for, a modular space for inquiry. If you are interested in having the Center for mailed to you for satellite events please reach out. 

June 15, 2023 6pm
Join Ali Goss for a focus group workshop at the Center for Crush Research, an inflatable research and education center that pursues serious inquiry into the nature, uses and manifestations of crushes to query different visions of relation.