Goose Song

Full Film: 

Goose Song is a captivating spectacle reminiscent of an amusement park, with its own set of rules and regulations. Video, projection and a diy carnival ride bring viewers to questions of water rights and collectivity.

It is fabled that certain swans sing a haunting song before their death after not making a sound their entire lives. We are not the swan, silent for their whole life until the end, but the goose, screaming and yelling, doing all we can, and wailing until our last breath.

Video Credits: 
Created by Ollie Goss
Video: Harold Batista, Soso Capaldi
Actors: Matt Witmer, Ryan Scails, Kyra Jackson, Ivy Jewell, Brendan O'Shaughnessy, Will Toney, Elliot Engles, Ollie Goss

Mock ups and Research: 

Mock-up Track and Cart: PVC, OSB, 1x2s, Cardboard, Paper Mache, Casters
Track: 12’x8’ Cart 4’X4’X3’

Model: OSB, Inkjet paper, armature wire, Bass Wood