the short life of punch

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Fidena Festival: Bochum, Germany – May 9-18, 2018

Moers Festival: Moers, Germany – May 18-21, 2018

Cooperation Seal of Quality Culture * (DE), Snuff Puppets (AU), Espace Masolo (CD), FIDENA, Moers Festival, HMDK Stuttgart

“(With Stefanie Oberhoff) … one becomes  very aware of the relevance of puppet theater.” (Taz, 16.10.2017)

“The Fidena Figurentheater Festival turns the Antonius Church into a stage for a bizarre performance. Artists spread near anarchy.” (

PUNCH AGATHE is the biggest punch in the world. A superheroine, unpredictable, rebellious and silly, equipped with a burning lance, drill and explosives, constantly accompanied by her hippopotamus, she hurries around the globe with a musical roar and an army of ghostly jesters. Born in Melbourne, grew up in Kinshasa, Punch Agathe now comes to Bochum, makes the district court to own, takes over the church, puts the clocks after their time, breaks every morning to save the world, leaves a trail of confusion and Devastation and invites to sacred dance every night. Under the flag of Punch Agathe, as a coat of arms of non-morality, of non-sense and of anarchy, we sail in times of conjured re-and de-politicization of the arts against the wall until the porridge overcooks and the hippopotamus does so.

directed by: Stefanie Oberhoff, Andy Freer, Stephane Hisler, Justin Kabangu
production/dramaturgy: Ali Goss, Cèl Legaz
music: Tim Isfort, Florian Walter, John Werner, Strombo, chanting Compression Corps, Bela Congo
contributors: Juliane Bröcker, Claude Bwendua, Lea Duchmann, Mirjam Ellenbroek, Giovanna di Filippo, Judith Franke, Coral Gadish, Mireille Hisler, Huguette Hugembo, Johanna Yasirra-Kluhs, Mehdi Pinget, Yvonne Dicketmüller, undergraduate puppet theater students of HDMK, Stuttgart, Franka Es uva

Startup funding from the Ian Potter Foundation and the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria. Funded by the conception funding of the Cultural Office of the City of Stuttgart and the Fonds Darstellende Künste.