HORSEPLAY EVERYDAY is an energetic gallop, a merry and chaotic confusion of horse-dressed business people (The Horseplay Harras), riding horsepower and masked riders (The Horseplay Jinetes) that appear at all times of the day in both famous places, but also places where you least expect it - all around Holstebro town and surroundings. Brush the glasses and set the corncake, so you'll be able to experience them casually at cafes and bars, parking their hippos in impossible places, watch them greet sleepy children on their way to school or experience them frightened because they did not reach the train.  Now can now see it all?

Directors: Deborah Hunt (Maskhunt Motions) and Donald Kitt (Odin Theatre)
Makers/Performers: Alessandra Ferreri, Alexandra Goss, Ira Brami, Jocelyn Olguin, Ronnie Gilardoni, Sara Camponovo Flaat, Shana Lellouch, Shu-Mei Hu, Suman Lie, Timiki Salas

Appearances (Holstebro Festuge 2017):