In the Time of the Blue Ball

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In the Time of the Blue Ball (2019-2020) is a multi-media performance piece using overhead projector and live-feed video to explore Manuela Draeger’s “In the Time of the Blue Ball” (published by Dorothy Press) and Antoine Volodine’s “Post-exoticism in 10 Lessons, Lesson 11.”  The piece addresses community accountability and rebuilding after societal collapse. The piece was originally developed at the Eugene O’Neill in 2019 and has undergone several iterations at The La Mama Puppet Slam (2019), Dixon Place Puppet Blok (Curate by Rowan Magee)(2019), and the Object Movement Digital Puppetry Festivel (2020).

Object Movement Festival (2020)

Created and performed by: Ali Goss
Sound Design: Jeremy Martinez
This iteration of In the Time of the Blue Ball for the Object Movement Puppetry Festival used Twitch to specifically experiment with moving story forward through audience interaction.

The Eugene O’Neill Theater Puppetry Conference (2019)

Writen and Directed by: Ali Goss
Puppeteers: Ali Goss, Chad Shohet
Video: Josette Axne
Voiceover: Ursula Marcum
Sound: Graham Cook
Photos: Richard Termine

La Mama Puppet Slam (2019)

Ali Goss
Puppeteers: Ali Goss, Lila Reyes
Video: Alberto Feregrino
Text: In the Time of the Blue Ball by Manuela Draeger

Dixon Place Puppet Blok (2019)

Created by:
Ali Goss and Lila Reyes
Sound Design:
Graham Cook
Puppeteers: Ali Goss, Lila Reyes
Bear Strayer
Based on the book "In the Time of the Blue Ball" by Manuela Draeger published by Dorothy Project.


6.15.19: The Eugene O’Neill Theater Center
10.25.19-10.27.19 La Mama Puppet Slam
11.16.19-11.17.19: La Mama Puppet Slam Encore
12.10.19: Dixon Place Puppet Blok
11.20.20: Object Movement Digital Puppet Festival