in the time of the blue ball: an immersive reading

In the Time of the Blue Ball is a participatory table read in which audience members read a script based on a short novel of the same name by Manuela Draeger/Antoine Volodine. In the story, an out of work detective, Bobbi Potemke, and a wooly crab navigate a not-so-distant future in which government systems have failed, police are no longer and infrastructure has succumbed to the natural world. The duo sets off to save a noodle named Auguste Diodon but soon ask the question—did the noodle even want to be saved? Through engaging with the text directly, audience members are implicated in the world-making, and animate the story collectively, while still obeying the formalities of a new work table read.

Tickets here ($5-25 Sliding Scale):

Poster by Parker Luse